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Recreational wellness holidays for pregnant women

However much pregnant women look forward to their role as a mother in the life of a little boy or girl, pregnancy can be a strenuous time for the mother-to-be. The body changes, the belly grows and grows, new needs develop and once important things suddenly take a back seat. During this period, wellness is of beneficial effect because only a happy and relaxed mum gives birth to a healthy child.

Could there be a more beautiful reminiscence of pregnancy than some photos of the round baby bump in such an atmosphere? At Schindelbruch, our qualified personnel awaits you to help the mother-to-be to findnew well-being and relaxation. Simply let yourself unwind at the Schindelbruch spa.

We also have the perfect arrangement ready for you:

Spend three relaxing nights with the Schindelbruch All-Inclusive Package. Our daily breakfast buffet and a 4-course dinner or buffet await you. At the Schindelbruch spa, enjoya relaxing massage especially for pregnant women and light face cosmetics.