Green Meeting





Puzzle your individual meeting

Basic module

Water, soft drinks & coffee unlimited


from 19,00 € per person


Coffee breaks

Incl. coffee specialties and tea 20,00 € per person

French coffee break

Butter croissants | yeast plait | sour cream butter | 2 kinds of Schindelbruch jam | Schindelbruch honey | coffee specialties and tea

Brain-Food Coffee Break

Wholemeal bread with avocado cream and herb cream | Turkey breast strips | Smoked salmon | Smoothie | Schindelbruch nut mix | Coffee specialties and tea

Fitness coffee break

Sliced fruit | natural yogurt | vegetable sticks | herb curd | flaxseed | homemade muesli bars | coffee specialties and tea

Schindelbruch coffee break

Schindelbruch bread | House-smoked beef and game ham | Wildflower cheese |Schindelbruch honey | Schindelbruch jam | Coffee specialties and tea

Hearty coffee break

Bagel | House-smoked ham | Smoked salmon | Cheese | Hearty puff pastry snacks | Coffee specialties and tea

Carefree coffee break

Cake and pastry selection from our patisserie | Sliced fruit | Sandwiches | Candy bar with small sweets | Coffee specialties and tea

Winter coffee break available November 20 to January 31

Original Dresden Christmas Stollen | Stolberg cookies | walnuts | clementines | non-alcoholic punch | coffee specialties and tea

Summer fresh coffee break available from June to August

Tomato-Mozzarella skewers | Melon with shingled ham | Iced fruit skewers | Homemade iced tea or lemonade | Coffee specialties and tea


Meeting Snacks & Drinks

(Permanently available in the room)


large mixed fruit bowl

5,50 € p.p.

"Nut Power"

Shingle quarry nut mix and dried fruits

6,50 € p.p.


Cookies & pastries from Friwi

5,50 € p.p.

"Sweet Dreams"

large candy bar with various small sweets

7,00 € p.p.


As a menu in the restaurant

Vital 2 course menu Incl. soft drinks

Soup 4 main courses to choose from (meat, fish, vegetarian, shingle break salad*)

37,00 € p.p.

Vital 3 course menu Incl. soft drinks

Soup 4 main courses to choose from (meat, fish, vegetarian, shingle break salad*) Dessert

41,00 € p.p.

Schindelbruch Salad Plucked lettuce from the region | House dressing | Cucumber | Tomato | Goat cheese | Seasonal berries | Bread chips | Roasted seeds


Lunch buffets

Fitness lunch buffet Incl. soft drinks

Large salad buffet with dressings and various toppings Chicken strips | Feta Oven-fresh baguette

32,00 € p.p.

Schindelbruch Lunch Buffet Incl. soft drinks

Leaf salads of the season with 2 kinds of dressing 1 starter and 1 soup Oven-fresh bread with butter

3 main courses with respective side dishes (fish, meat and vegetarian)

2 different desserts

from 50 persons 44,00 € p.p.



A la Carte up to 8 Persons

4-course Schindelbruch menu or buffet at the chef's discretion €52.00 per person

Your individual menu Can be adapted seasonally


Roasted breast of quail on Jerusalem artichoke salad and marinated wild herbs in raspberry vinaigrette Soup of smoked emperor's beetroot with roasted rockfish cheek Tranches of pink roasted fillet of beef with glazed turnips and herb gratin Dessert of vanilla, chocolate and berries


from 10 persons 4-course menu 57,50 €