Cozy forest cottage evening

Gemeinsamer Waldhüttenabend

Our rustic cottages in the middle of the thick forest are the perfect place for an appropriate venison meal or a rustic barbecue evening. Our shuttle will take you to the “Hainfeld”, where our forester walks you through our forest and explains the flora and fauna. Arriving at the cottage you will enjoy a delicious dinner and listen to the animals of the forest – and with a bit of luck you will even see a royal stag! Our shuttle takes you back from the cottage.

Available during the summer (May to October) · suitable for a maximum of 18 participants (at Löschemberghütte) · duration: 4 hours

30 €
per person up to 10 participants (plus barbecue, drinks and shuttle)

25 €
per person up to 18 participants (plus barbecue, drinks and shuttle)