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You may have already noticed: Schindelbruch has an excellent reputation as part of the Ritter von Kempski Privathotels – both in our region and beyond. This is not only owed to our exceptional hotel concept but also to our staff. The recipe of success is quite easy: we love to perform our work. At Ritter von Kempski Privathotels, the Managing Director, Directors and staff work closely together. We appraise good performance, support new ideas and offer an attractive and secure work environment. If this sounds like your sort of thing, our director Susanne Kiefer looks forward to receiving your application through our new career website.

For our envisioned growth, we are in need of employees who love their job and fulfill our promises and our spirit with heart and soul every day. To come together as one and tread the way together, we developed our employer brand. It is our goal to offer current and future employees a place that stimulates them with fun, development spirit, fairness and security during their work hours. Over the past several months, together with our advisor Cassandra Schlangen we charged the employer brand of the Ritter von Kempski Privathotels with content and meaning. As a third step, our advisor educates all employees to be brand experts and brand professionals. Funds from Sachsen-Anhalt and the European Fund for Regional Development help us finance this step.

Stay excited – we make progress!