Harz Candle Workshop

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In olden days candle-dipping was an important craftmenship – and still today it has not been forgotten. The Harz candle workshop in Bad Sachsa not only produces more than 3,000 different kinds of candles with ancient crafts tradition, but also offers events and workshops at which one can learn the craft of candle-dipping.

For many visitors of all ages, candle-dipping is both a creative program and relaxation training at the same time. Layer after layer the candle develops around the wick by dipping into hot wax. There are almost no limits to creativity for inventing colors and forms – and if you haven’t got that much time or patience, simply start with a pre-dipped candle. So great results are guaranteed

If you have special wishes by the way, you can also browse the range of candles for many occasions at your own whim or place an order at the candle workshop team for a custom-made candle.