Brocken railway

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The way up to the Brocken may be long, but the mountain received many visitors as far back as the 19th century. What seemed more logical than a railway to the mountain top? After an unbelievably short construction time of only 9 months (by today’s standards), the first train on the Brocken railway steamed up to the hilltop on 27th March 1899! Back then, the railway ran only between 30th April and 15th October – today the trains run all year round. By 1900, the Brocken railway had already transported 51,209 people onto the mountain which experienced a tourist boom since Goethe’s visit. Buildings like the Brocken hotel, the look-out tower, the observatory and the old cloud’s house were a result of this popularity.

Brocken railway still runs with its historic steam trains. Ten to twelve times per day visitors can reach the top of the mountain from the railway stations Drei Annen, Hohne and Schierke – and pass the “Goethemoor” with its vast variety of plants. The view from the train windows is particularly stunning in early summer when the cotton grass is in bloom.