Sondershausen castle

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With its impressive four wings, the castle is one of Thuringia’s most stunning, and overlooks the musical city of Sondershausen. Its centuries-old history – starting as a comital governmental seat in 1697 under the Princes of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen – shaped the house: the different architectural styles of several epochs have influenced its present visual nature.

The whole castle complex is surrounded by the Lohpark, with an English style which simply invites guests to stroll around. The castle itself hosts the castle museum Sondershausen in which art, handicrafts and folkloric and natural history exhibits can be admired. Walking around the castle grounds leads you to discover many further historic buildings. The octagonal house which was originally used as a Lusthaus serves as a place for events like concerts nowadays. And the royal stables that were built for the horses have been renovated and have hosted Thuringia’s music academy since 2005.