Kyffhäuser Monument

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Visible over a long distance, high above the steep slopes of the Kyffhäuser mountains, the main tower of Kyffhäuser monument rises 81 m into the sky. Nearby the ruins of the impressive Kyffhausen castle let you know that the history of this place reaches far more back to the past than just to the late 19th century. The 600 m long and 60 m wide castle complex was built in the 11th century and it was just between 1890 and 1896 that the emperor’s monument was added, which was built to honor Wilhelm I.

Like in Barbarossa’s cave this place was inspired by the legend of the sleeping emperor Friedrich I, who is sleeping inside the Kyffhäuser mountains and waits for the day that threatens his empire. While the old emperor governs the base of the monument as a statue embedded into the tower, the new emperor’s bronze equestrian statue towers high above his head. If you prefer the beauty of the landscape to the Prussian Reich cult you should take the steps up to the top of the tower: after 247 steps the visitor is awaited by a spectacular panorama over the “Goldene Aue” to Brocken mountain!