Our Biosphere Reserve

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Schindelbruch is just a small part of this vast region – the biosphere reserve karst landscape of the Southern Harz, which owes its beauty to a geological plinth of carbonate rock measuring almost 100 km. The reserve reaches from the Southern Harz region with its ample beech grove forests that expand from Auerberg mountain to the edge of “Goldene Aue” (Golden Shire) and is continued by meadows with fruit trees, fields and green meadows. The bizarre karst landscape is unique in Europe and hosts a valuable habitat for a rich flora and fauna with its mosaic-like small-area structures.

The biosphere reserve is a variegated kaleidoscope of different landscapes which have been created by special geological and climatic situations as well as by human influence and ways of utilizing nature’s resources over the centuries. About 1,500 ferns and flowering plants and a plethora of mosses, lichens, algae and mushrooms have been identified so far. In vast beech grove forests, warmth-preferring oak forests and chilly moist canyon and hillside mixed woods forest orchids like “Diptam” or “Hirschzunge” can be found. The swamp and spring meadows of Auerberg mountain mass host the western marsh orchid and marsh arrowgrass among others.

If you’d like to discover more about this landscape,you’re sure to love the guided karst hikes of the reserve taking place weekly from April through October with a visit to the “episodic farmer’s trench” each Wednesday.