Europa Rosarium Sangerhausen

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Although the history of the old town of Sangerhausen in the Southern Harz is shaped by the mining industry, the place enchants its visitors above ground, too. A particularly stunning highlight is one of the world’s largest collection of roses – a sea of millions of fragrantblooms. The 13 hectares of garden host more than 8,500 types of rose from all over the world: a gorgeous variety of colors and shapes from many different epochs and regions of the world.

Besides the cultured roses, one can admire the world’s largest collection of wild roses: more than 500 varieties of wild rose grow in this place. The 850 different rambler roses forming pyramids and columns build a unique scenery. The beet and bush roses from Goethe’s garden can be admired until late fall. Particularly extraordinary pieces are the “Green Rose”, the “Black Rose” and the “Oil Rose”, which is the smallest rose in the world.

The rose collection is growing constantly and is a paradise for rose friends, researchers and growers. No surprise that the German association “Deutsche Rosenfreunde e.V.” awarded the city of Sangerhausen with the official title “Rose City” in 1993.