Product Partners

Green luxury – this is the world of Pharmos Natur. This is more than just cosmetics: founded in 1986, the company committed itself to a holistic balance of beauty, health and love of life. The green source of the natural cosmetics products is pure and original juice of aloe vera, a moisturizing and regenerative gel full of active substances that substitutes the otherwise common water in all products: 100 % active cosmetics. Additional essences of medical, rejuvenating and regenerative plants support the effect. In production, Pharmos Natur is geared to highest criteria for product purity, ecology and ethicality.

Haut Emulsion

Harnessing the powers of nature – with this idea the family-run business PINO was founded in 1904 in the Black Forest.

The brand gained its reputation by developing first-class health products and natural drugs for the European health resorts and spas. The bases of these products were traditional essential oils and great physiotherapeutic knowledge. Over the years, PINO became one of the leading specialists and expanded its range with utilities, hardware, treatment concepts and cosmetic products for professional therapists. With the completely native “Natural Spa” product line, this expertise found its way to the world of wellness. At Schindelbruch, you will find massage oils and lotions by PINO in many treatments.


“Nature is the best guide to life” – in founding his company more than forty years ago, Paul Haslauer utilized what Cicero knew long before. In the beginning, they focused on manufacturing mudpacks, but the scientific curiosity of Paul Haslauer soon led to new dimensions. With inventions including the soft pack system and the Salve-in-terra double lounger, he managed to link professional therapeutic treatments and exceptional worlds of well-being. The therapies are based on products of the private brand Kurland: peloids, oils, herbs and first-class cosmetics. During product development, innovative technologies meet basic substances like natural healing earths, goat butter and natural sea salt. At Schindelbruch, you will experience the products of Kurland in body treatments, rasul programs and massages.


The French cult brand Couleur Caramel answers the question of what makes perfect make-up with its very own beauty formula: a proper dose of active components from the four corners of the world, a handful of ecology and a generous scoop of humanity. From this habitualized practice they create make-up that inspires with its extraordinary richness of color and illuminating power. As impressive as the quality of the textures is the exemplary consistency of Couleur Caramel: natural ingredients from organic sources, fair trade, sustainable development, preservation of nature, respect for the fauna – and a trustful and open contact with the consumers.