Naturresort Schindelbruch

Sustainable hotel
in the Harz Mountains

Take a deep breath. Fresh, cool forest air, the gentle rustling of the treetops on the Großer Auerberg, the scent of lush greenery, the sweeping view over the countryside - you are in the middle of nature, and incidentally also in the first wellness hotel in central Germany with a fully offsetcarbon footprint since 2009. Sustainability can be a big word - or a very simple philosophy: drawing well-being from natural sources, arranging relaxation and enjoyment with long-term effects and treating the treasures of nature with respect. That is what we do here at our sustainable hotel in the Harz Mountains, the Naturresort Schindelbruch. We work with a strictly certified ecological concept, carefully selected partners and offers and without compromising on comfort.


GreenSign stands for the combination of ecology, economy and social responsibility as an expression of sustainable hotel management. GreenSign certified hotels are the best possible and most responsible choice for holidays, business trips and events.

A green resort

In order to preserve the beauty of the southern Harz as the region's greatest asset, our sustainable hotel in the Harz follows an innovative sustainability concept. In addition to various measures for energy efficiency and resource conservation, Naturresort Schindelbruch has taken many other measures to do our best to minimise our footprint. Unavoidable emissions are determined and offset with the help of aCO2 footprint.


Climate & sustainability

Discover. Savour. Preserve. This philosophy is the guiding principle and guideline for the Schindelbruch, which is a green resort in the truest sense of the word. We prove that ecological common sense and careful use of resources are possible at four-star superior level. Here, relaxation for the guest is at the same time recreation for nature - and this in the middle of the Karstlandschaft Südharz biosphere reserve.

A green resort

Climate-neutral wines

Discover Germany's first climate-neutral winery: the wines from the Alfons Hormuth winery not only taste great, they are also produced in a completely climate-neutral way. With its own green electricity, the avoidance of disposable packaging and the ecological cultivation of the vineyards, emissions are avoided as far as possible. UnavoidableCO2 emissions are offset by climate protection programmes. You can find our contribution to this in this certificate.

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View of the solar panels on the various roofs of the nature resort
  • Photovoltaic systems - electricity for our resort
  • Geothermal energy - heat for the hotel rooms and public areas
  • Heat recovery - waste heat from IT for the hotel swimming pool
  • Wood pellets and wood chips - for heating water
  • Spring and well - own drinking water from the forest
  • Biowastewater treatment plant - local water cycle with direct irrigation on site


View into a bedroom of the modern country residence
  • No minibars in the rooms (except in the suites)
  • No air conditioning in the public areas, offices and guest rooms
  • LED lighting and motion detectors
  • Aerators in all sanitary areas
  • 100% green electricity
  • Continuous expansion of digitalisation (e.g. digital guest directory in rooms, daily newspapers only via tablets)


View of the modern fitness area

The team at the Schindelbruch Spa relies on the power of the grape, which is why the majority of our treatments are based on Vinoble Cosmetics, a sustainable skin care product made from natural, highly effective ingredients. The products, all of which are purely plant-based (COSMOS-certified natural cosmetics), are naturally cruelty-free. The use of questionable ingredients is avoided. The high effectiveness is achieved through the use of vegan plant stem cells and extracts.

Our fitness equipment is made from sustainable wood.


Preparation of a dish from regional ingredients
  • More than 60% of goods for food & beverage & services from the region within 100 km
  • Seasonal purchasing of fruit and vegetables
  • Fish from sustainable farming or certified wild catch
  • Game from our own hunt
  • Products such as jams from our own production
  • Honey from our own bees & herbs from our own herb garden
  • Table water from our own spring
  • Sustainable wines


View of a hotel room in the Schindelbruch, where the bed is freshly made up
  • Increasing purchase of eco-labelled textiles
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning agents
  • Certified cosmetics (shampoo, shower gel, conditioner) in the rooms
  • Provision of cosmetics in dispensers, not in small packaging
  • Disposable towels and toilet paper in public areas made from recycled paper


Thanks to its own spring in the forest and a well, the resort's water supply is self-sufficient. With the help of a bio-treatment plant, "the wet" is filtered, purified and trickled back into nature directly on site, including the receiving water. Water is extracted and returned within a few hundred metres.

As the water flows through the different layers of rock, it is naturally filtered and purified, having seeped into the ground as rainwater many decades ago. We additionally treat this naturally pure water in a complex process. The result is ionised, coal-filtered water that you can enjoy in our restaurants. It is free of limescale, soft in flavour and goes perfectly with our dishes and wines. We offer it still and sparkling.


E-charging station with vehicle in the background
  • 3 e-charging points with 2 connections each for guests
  • 2 e-charging points for employees only
  • Prevention and health: Helios Plus Card for employees


Hands that work on digital devices
  • Digitalisation is advancing in communication with guests
  • Employees are encouraged to print less and use paper on both sides
  • Comprehensive training and further education on various topics - not only specialised training, but also personal development
  • FSC-certified paper


Basket with wood pellets
  • New wood chip plant since the end of 2023
  • Expansion of the photovoltaic system with e-charging stations for cars and bicycles from 2024
  • New service centre with improved waste separation from 2024

Behind the scenes - The Schindelbruch nature resort on n-tv

Wellness and sustainability? They go together perfectly and the Naturresort Schindelbruch proves it.
In a report on the topic of "Wellness holidays of the future", the TV channel n-tv interviewed the owner Dr Clemens Ritter von Kempski and gained exciting insights behind the scenes of our sustainable hotel in the Harz Mountains.

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