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The figure "Saxonia" is a work of art made of fine white, created in 2015.

The sculpture's big sister was created by former MEISSEN chief sculptor Jörg Danielczyk to mark the 25th anniversary of German reunification. Today, the majestic figure can be admired in the foyer of the MEISSEN Erlebniswelt.

Like many artists before him, Danielczyk focussed on the subject of "fashion". It became a captivating and inspiring passion for him. "Saxonia" is one of the expressive models that give a small insight into this great fascination.

Made entirely from pure white MEISSEN porcelain, it proudly presents the manufactory's most famous decoration: the dreamy snowball blossoms. It is probably the most beautiful example of the attention to detail with which such masterpieces are created.

A breathtaking work of art full of grace and elegance.


Height: 66 cm
Width: cm
Depth: cm
Weight: approx. 15 kg

Design: Jörg Danielczyk (2016)

Placement in the hotel: Wellness area


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