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Monkey with snuffbox

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A limited edition of a figurine from Meissen.
The trained monkey with a snuffbox, which contributed to the royal amusement when entering the Japanese Palace, the porcelain palace of Augustus the Strong.
Perhaps it will also delight guests when they enter our bar.

An interesting detail ... Snuffboxes were very common in the 18th century and were often ornately decorated to reflect the art and craft of the painter himself. Usually in the form of allegories and flowers. And some snuffboxes were even worn as jewellery in the 18th century.

Nowadays, they are no longer so common.

But if you fancy tobacco again, you will find a large selection of cigars in our smoking room.


Height: 49 cm
Width: 22 cm
Depth: 30 cm
Weight: 9.3 kg

Design: Johann Joachim Kaendler (1732)

Placement in the hotel: Bar


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