Naturresort Schindelbruch

Ritter von Kempski MEISSEN Collection

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Dear guest,

Welcome to the Ritter von Kempski Collection by MEISSEN.

In 2010, I acquired part of the collection from my late father's estate without really knowing what to do with it. Until then, I hadn't had much contact with it.

After looking into the material and its history, I decided to reorganise the collection from my point of view and it was at that moment that I really started to get involved and became 'infected by the porcelain virus'.


We currently have 15 MEISSEN large-scale sculptures in our hotel and some are still waiting to be installed.

There are over 40 wall installations, called "ars muralis", spread throughout the hotel rooms and public areas.

We have created our own table & centrepiece service, which will be used in our gourmet restaurant "Silberstreif" and can already be viewed there.

My favourite MEISSEN figurine: the monkey with a snuffbox, because he is stubborn and cheeky. He enjoys life and that's why he stands in the bar and greets all the guests.


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