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Large hunting chandelier with birds

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The chandelier is based on a design by Jörg Danielczyk, the artistic director of the MEISSEN porcelain manufactory from 1994 to 2018, and with a height of 1.90 metres and a width of 1.20 metres, it is probably the largest chandelier that has been produced in the MEISSEN manufactory on the theme of "hunting".

The artist was inspired by the extraordinary collection of antlers in Moritzburg Castle, the former hunting lodge of Augustus the Strong, which lies between Dresden and Meissen. However, he also incorporated his own hunting experiences into the design.

For example, he artistically staged the moment when a stag emerges from the thicket:
Part of the head and the lower bars of the antlers can be seen in the foliage. Sculpturally moulded oak leaves were used in conjunction with the antlers as a particularly effective design element.

The leaves are delicately crafted on both the front and the back. The oak trees symbolise strength and stability.

Twelve candle-shaped lights are distributed over four levels. Both the candle holders and the girandoles on the decorated main column of the candelabra are designed in the shape of goblets. Here, the artist skilfully distorts the shape of leaves.

The interplay of natural forms and ornamental elements is characteristic of the entire chandelier.

Another special feature of the large hunting chandelier is its all-round view. It presents a harmonious picture from every angle. To this end, the artist used other sculptural animal representations in addition to the stag heads: two chaffinches, a bullfinch and a stag beetle.

The large chandelier is complemented by two wall sconces in the same style. In addition to the antlers and oak leaves, the artist has also included a thrush in the design.

The subtle staffage of all three chandeliers is modelled on nature and gives free rein to the brilliance of the MEISSEN porcelain in the interplay of light and shadow.


Height: 190 cm
Width: 120 cm
Weight: 250 kg

Design: Jörg Danielczyk (1952)

Position in the hotel: Lobby


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