Naturresort Schindelbruch

Paduan rooster

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The Paduan cockerel is a symbol of luck and prosperity. Here it is depicted with its neck stretched forward at the moment of crowing.

It is actually a particular challenge for modelling in porcelain, as the loose and often broken plumage of the tail is where the long feathers have to be individually shaped and then "garnished".

One feather supports the other, with the tips of the upper feathers touching or overlapping the lower ones.

As a support, J. J. Kaendler has placed a bundle of grain between the bird's legs, which recedes imperceptibly into the background due to the strong plasticity of the powerful claws.

The feathered cap, the flaps of skin under the beak and the wide-open eyes give the cockerel a lively appearance that aptly expresses its "gockel-like" nature.


Height: 77 cm
Width: 28 cm
Depth: 43 cm
Weight: 19.3 kg

Design: Johann Joachim Kaendler (1732)

Position in the hotel: Entrance to the restaurant


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