Naturresort Schindelbruch

Piqueur and two resting stags

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A highlight of the porcelain department is the important porcelain group "Piqueur" and "Stags", based on a design by Käthe Scheurich from 1937, which was produced in MEISSEN in 1994/95.

The design is based on two sandstone sculptures of hunters from the 18th century, which flank the entrance to Moritzburg Castle in Saxony. The stags themselves are a representation of the hunting theme that runs through the entire castle.

Plaster casts were made for both sculptures, which were produced in Meissen between 1994 and 1995.

However, it appears that only one of the two models was ever made from porcelain.

According to factory records, only three examples of this piqueur model were produced in total, of which only one has apparently survived.


Piqueur stag

Height: 85 cm Height: -
Width: - Width: -
Depth: - Depth: -
Weight: - Weight: -

Design: Käthe Scheurich (1937)

Placement in the hotel: Lobby


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